North Hollywood & Van Nuys High

After visiting a few schools in Santa Clarita I drove down the 5 to “the valley”, as Southern Californian residents like to call it. My first stop here was North Hollywood High. I walked down the hallway to the career center and could hear the faint sound of a teacher sharing about the wonder of science to his students. A few minutes later I walked into the career center room and immediately noticed that the walls were lined with college flags. Students sat at round tables as someone shared best practices for getting into college with them. They showed an immense amount of care for their students futures. When I shared about Scout with the career counselor she was excited to share it with students as a tool in their journeys.


Not too far away was Van Nuys High. Its facade was beautiful; it made me wonder what rich history it’s seen throughout the century that it’s been open. Students left earlier than usual to prepare for their PSAT testing the next morning but once I arrived in the career center there were still a few gathering papers about colleges. I talked with the career counselor about our program and she was excited about the ways we could help their students on their path to college.

We hope to partner with both North Hollywood and Van Nuys High in the future to continue their history of successful students!