Sylmar, Arleta & Francis Polytechnic Senior High

When I arrived on the Sylmar High campus I made my way towards the administrative office I noticed students hard at work. Today was the day that the PSAT was administered to high school students across the United States. There was a collective hush on campus that indicated students, as well as teachers, were in test mode. However, the career counselor was cheery and happy to talk with me about Scout.


I jumped over to Arleta High afterwards where students were also working hard on their PSATs. Luckily, one counselor had a little bit of time to talk with me about Scout. She was excited at the prospect of partnering with us!


The last school I dropped by in this part of Los Angeles County was Francis Polytechnic Senior High. As I walked to the Career Center with someone from the administration office she explained to me that this high school was one of the largest in Los Angeles County. Pathway after pathway was filled with students and after walking for 10 minutes I understood what she was talking about. The picture above was one of the pillars we passed by on the way to the Career Center.  With a large student population we hope that our courses will help students on their path to college so their new beginning after high school will be filled with opportunity!