Ramona Unified School District

Ramona California, located two hours northeast of San Diego, was my recent Scout adventure. My journey took me through a beautiful scenic drive prior to my arrival at the Ramona Unified School District. As I arrived, I had the pleasure of meeting a group of teachers, principals, counselors and the Superintendent. All were eager to learn more about Scout. I began the meeting with the value of Scouts mission, which is to provide courses to students who are educationally disadvantaged.

We focused our discussion on our classes being A-G approved. I informed the group that we provide California Credential Instructors in our Core Premium courses; in addition, we can provide these classes to California Public School students at no cost.

After a robust discussion, our enthusiasm led us to take the next steps. Ramona Unified School District welcomed me with open arms. Scout and I appreciate their hospitality.

Scout hopes to work with them and their students in the future.