SoCal Splendor

I decided to do one last visit to Southern California before the summer heat settled in. During my drive to Mira Mesa High I noticed that the jacaranda trees were in full bloom, and the cement was covered by beautiful purple petals. When I arrived on campus my eyes were immediately drawn to a wall decorated with distinguished medals. This spoke volumes of the school’s dedication to their students. El Camino High, Vista Murrieta High, Beaumont High, and Yucaipa High also revealed the same passion about seeing their students succeed. Counselors at each school were excited about the potential of using our AP and College Prep courses for their students. It was a great first day in sunny Socal, and there were only more visits scheduled!

Bright and early Wednesday Morning I started my journey through the desert mountains. Canyon Ridge High and Serrano High were my first two stops; both had a stunning view of the San Gabriel Mountains in the background. During my meeting at Serrano High, students were busy working on laptops in the background. The college and career counselor had never heard of our program before and was happy to hear that we were spreading the news about it.  After a few hours of driving through the desert, I found myself in Bakersfield. I visited Ridgeview High and made my way to the last school of the day, Highland High. The head counselor, his colleague, and I sat down and talked about all the details of our program and the different plans we have to offer. Everyone left the meeting enthusiastic about the way our courses could help students who need help with credit recovery or who want to take additional classes for enrichment.

It was the third and final day of my trip, and it started off with a great meeting at Moorpark High. The counselor there was just as excited as the others I met with throughout my trip, and I look forward to seeing the ways that Scout can partner with their school! I drove south along the coast and visited the final three schools, University Senior HighRedondo Union High, and Mission Viejo High. Reflecting on my travels throughout Southern California, I realized how diverse the scenery was- from the desert to the mountains, and finally to the coast. In a state of diverse environments, we also hold a population of diverse students. At Scout, we work to address the diverse body of students in our states and their differing needs. We hope that through our program, we can be part of the future success of all California public school students.