The frontline team of two nominated for excellence

Just about everyone who reaches out to the UC Scout organization connects with the dynamic duo—Priscilla and Dominique—who field hundreds of queries a day about our online A-G approved courses that pave the way to college.

“We’re the front face of the organization,” Priscilla says. “We deal with inquiries, finance, customer service, technical difficulties—pretty much everything. We’re a little bit administrator and a little bit of an advisor.”

This month, Scout was excited to celebrate all the work that our program assistants do and the enthusiastically collaborative way they go about doing it. Both women were nominated for special commendation at the annual Admin Awards–Silicon Valley and enjoyed a night of recognition for their profession.

Priscilla was nominated in the category of Excellent Customer Service. Dominique, initially nominated for Rookie of the Year, was shifted to the Public Excellence category. Dominique was eventually selected as one of the finalists in her category.

Both Dominique and Priscilla have a passion for students. Dominique, who is midway through a UCSC Extension certificate program for Administrative Executive Assistants, used to work in non profit education organizations.

“I love working in education,” she says. “We wear a lot of hats here.”

UC Scout customers may be teachers in need of curriculum, first generation college-bound students, or parents setting up home-school programs for a child with special needs.

“We do a lot of research for people to find them a solution,” she says.

Priscilla, who has a master’s degree in Communication Studies, focused on at-risk youth education issues in grad school.

“I’m a person who’s meant to help other people,” she says. “I’m excited to see where our program will go.”

When they talk about their jobs, how closely they work with each other and the empathy they have for the students and parents who call, they recall the stories they hear each day and how they can make a difference in people’s lives. One day it’s a call about a student with chronic illness who can’t get to class and a homeless family trying to get their child to college. Another day they talk with a parent worrying about bullying at a school and how to help a student in a rural area get access to the internet. Some of the students are traveling across the country or ambitious athletes with crammed schedules.

“It’s almost like we’re a detective every day,” Priscilla says. “At the end of the day our goal is to get students into college and see what kind of opportunities are there for them.”