Mission San Jose High

This was the last school in our East Bay outreach. As I drove into the parking lot the sky started to become gloomy but the colors of the trees and the grass were inviting. As I walked to the front office I noticed the mural below, a lovely depiction of the various passions of the […]

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California High

Orange splashed the walkway to the counseling office at California High- school spirit at its best! I met with a counselor who was interested to hear more about Scout and the ways our courses could help her students, but when I told her about our scholarship program her face lit up with excitement. We hope […]

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San Lorenzo High

The halls of San Lorenzo High were bustling with students headed to lunch. As I walked into the counseling office I noticed the plethora of flyers for part time jobs and information about colleges to help anyone who was interested. I met with a counselor there who was reluctant about Scout at first- “What’s the […]

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Arroyo High

Everyone was very welcoming at Arroyo High, I got a little turned around looking for the counselor’s office but staff pointed me in the right direction. They were thrilled to hear about our scholarship opportunities. For any students that need help catching up with units, have scheduling conflicts, or simply want to take extra college […]

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James Logan High

Some of our favorite moments at Scout are when counselors are as enthusiastic as we are about providing high-quality college prep and AP classes to their students. We had a great meeting with the head counselor at James Logan High who was surprised to hear about what we do. She was eager to share about […]

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Bridgepoint High

Bridgepoint High was the second school of my East Bay outreach trip. We understand that students at continuation schools might need a more flexible schedule for classes- our On Demand plan is perfect for students who want to work at their own pace. They’re open for enrollment all year round! Take a look at the […]

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Milpitas High School

The streets of Milpitas were covered with vibrant red and orange leaves that had fallen to the ground. It was a lovely start to another day of outreach in chilly Northern California. When I arrived at the school the morning announcements were in full swing. The woman at the front desk was excited to share […]

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Berkeley Yellowjackets

On a rainy Thursday morning, Scout met with parents at Berkeley High to talk about the various options available to their students. The parents seemed intrigued, and they may make the PTA aware that Scout is a resource they have access to. We were asked to follow up with some counselors, so we’ll do that […]

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Scout Outreach: San Francisco, Millbrae, Burlingame

Another month, another outreach trip. Scout trekked through iconic San Francisco visiting Galileo, Ida B. Wells, and Abraham Lincoln (the schools, not the individuals ;)). Topping our agendas was the Core Premium scholarship program, a service to educationally-disadvantaged students and an easy, affordable way to pilot Scout. The timing was perfect: our spring semester begins […]

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San Benito High School

Todavía estaba oscuro cuando me dirigí hacia el sur a Hollister, California, a una hora y media de distancia de San José, para visitar la Escuela Secundaria San Benito. El sol se alzaba en la distancia, y lentamente podía ver kilómetros de tierras agrícolas que brillaban a la luz. Cuando me acerqué a la escuela […]

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